About the Artist

I Bask in Color.

Color has always had a profound influence on my mood. While traveling in the American southwest in the 90s with my sister, I was so moved by the colors that I promptly bought paint and canvas, hoping to convey how those colors made me feel: vivid, alive, powerful. My goal is not to capture an image, but to capture the emotion that image conjures.

Friends describe me as vibrant, passionate, and creative; those words apply to my art as well. Creating work that is fluid, that inspires energy and excitement, vitality and confidence: this gives me the greatest artistic satisfaction.

I work primarily with acrylic paint along with mixed media such as paper, fabric, wood, and plastic. I use brushes, palette knives, my fingers…whatever is at hand. Some pieces flow forth in a matter of hours. Others are built over several weeks, evolving from fragments of imagination to energetic expressions of my experiences, dreams, or aspirations.

There is nothing bland about my work. I don’t play it safe. My art should ignite the same excitement I felt when painting it. If my work helps someone start the day with a zing, stirs a fond memory, or refreshes the senses, then I’ve succeeded.

photo: Rachel Harris

photo: Rachel Harris

Prior to painting, I was the founder and Chief Red Head of Red Thinking, a brand strategy/design firm. I am passionate about community service and have served on numerous boards. I am also an active mentor for emerging businesses. A graduate of George Washington University, I hold a BA in Visual Communications with a minor in Psychology. I live with my husband and daughter in Annapolis, Maryland.